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In good company

Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom

Guests come - guests go ...

... to be happy to come back. Nobody has stayed overnight in the Bratwurst Glöckl, at most that from time to time someone was allowed to spend the night next to the beech wood stove due to the lack of an organized retreat in their own bed. However, many of our guests not only appreciate our traditional Bavarian cuisine, but also the real inn tradition, which is over 130 years old, and have remained loyal regulars.

A few thousand names of well-known and unknown Munich residents and foreigners have also remained in the restaurant's three guest books, which today not only document more than 120 years of Bratwurst Glöckl history, but also represent 120 years of Munich city history. The Bratwurst Glöckl has always been a meeting point for "outstanding personalities from theater, music, science, literature, painting and the nobility ...", as they would have said at the time Bratwurst Glöckl was founded in Munich in 1893 - or as we say today: the "Celebrities".

Unfortunately, not all prominent Bratwurst Glöckl guests are recorded in the books: On the one hand, it is mostly left to chance that a well-known artist or politician is noticed in the crowd at Bratwurst Glöckl, only to be asked by the landlord to make an entry in the guest book; on the other hand, there are always people like Helmut Qualtinger or Leonard Bernstein who don't mind pork sausage, but hate guest books like the plague.

Clown Grock

Around 360 personalities who are well known to this day could be read from the pages of the past hundred years, who enjoyed the Bratwurst Glöckl and who were immortalized with their signature as a memory. Other sources such as letters, newspapers and chronicles have completed this list.

Dr. Josef Müller

The morning pint of the "Ochsensepp"

The Bavarian Justice Minister Dr. In 1951 Josef Müller marched through the city as a good Catholic at the great Munich Corpus Christi procession behind the Holy of Holies, but disappeared without a trace after Cardinal Faulhaber's final blessing. The police were put on high alert because the day before there was a serious threat of murder and assassination against Dr. Müller, the former Nazi resistance activist, confidante of Admiral Canaris and a founding member of the CSU. The large manhunt for the Bavarian Minister of Justice was unsuccessful until the Ochsensepp showed up safe and sound at home in the evening.

However, in view of the presence of the police stationed for his protection, he quickly lost his good mood. It wasn't until the next day that he solved the riddle of his mysterious disappearance in the following official declaration: “On Corpus Christi day I went to the procession, then, as is customary in the area, for a morning pint, and when you realize that I was unreachable, I went to the Bratwurst Glöckl. Incidentally, I will not be impressed by such fantasy news in the future either. "

For those unfamiliar with the area: “Going for a morning pint” is a term that has not been precisely defined in Munich.

Caroline of Monaco doesn't like Nuremberg sausages

A secret of the Monegasque dynasty that has been closely guarded to this day is now being revealed on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Bratwurst Glöckl: Caroline von Monaco does not like Nuremberg sausages, she prefers to eat Viennese sausages!
These princely desires, which differed from the taste of the rest of the family, did not embarrass the kitchen of the Bratwurst Glöckl on September 7, 1972: For such emergencies and delusional aberrations, a few fresh Vienna sausages are always kept in the fridge of the Bratwurst Glöckl, which, however, on request at the risk of the guest - can also be served with sweet white sausage mustard or lingonberries, because: at the Bratwurst Glöckl every guest is a king, even if he is a princess!
In order to save the honor of the Principality of Monaco, however, it should be mentioned that Prince Rainer, Princess Gracia and Princess Stephanie each ate half a dozen bratwursts with cabbage with pleasure. And Prince Rainer even drank two pints.

Georg Queri - How a poet "paid" Glöckl in the Bratwurst

There was a long time in the life of Georg Queri (1879–1919), one of the most important Bavarian dialect poets, when he was not yet famous and accordingly earned little. In order not to have to go hungry and thirsty in his local pub, the Bratwurst Glöckl, he found two ways: he wrote for the guests and for the guest book, mostly under the pseudonym "Egidius Pfanzelter" and had his services rewarded with natural produce.
Or tarocked his bill together, which was mostly the case. Mainly the caricaturist and draftsman Olaf Gulbransson and the writer Ludwig Thoma were fleeced. It got tricky for Queri when he had tared in his white wine spritzer from his drinking buddies, but still lacked the money for the trip home to Starnberg. Then the landlord Georg Zehnter had to serve. If Georg Queri had bad luck in the game, he simply lay down on the leather sofa in the dining room and slept the sleep of the loser.

Secret message from Karl Valentin

Valentin researchers, scribes and cryptologists have been puzzling over six indecipherable lines from Karl Valentine, which he left in the guest book of Bratwurst Glöckl on October 9, 1936: Is it an unknown conversation between the bookbinder Wanninger and the construction company Meisel & Co. ? Is it the beginning of a piece that was never written? Or is it even deeper nonsense with a higher meaning par excellence?
The script puzzle has now been solved: Karl Valentin wrote “nothing at all”, he wrote fantasy words with fantasy letters and was devilishly happy to think that countless people would rack their brains about the deeper meaning of these lines.

Max Reger, the artists and the pigs

The composer Max Reger (1873–1916) was one of the regulars at Bratwurst Glöckl at the turn of the century, and from him comes the often quoted saying: "Artists and pigs have one thing in common: they are only appreciated when they are dead!"
When he said this is not known, but where, except in his Bratwurst Glöckl in front of a plate of freshly roasted pork sausage can a hungry artist come up with such a truth?

Beniamino Gigli and the Maibock

Beniamino Gigli, one of the greatest tenors of the last century, was in Munich in April 1950 to negotiate a planned concert and turned up one lunchtime at Bratwurst Glöckl. The two hundredweight man, always blessed with a good appetite, ordered a dozen bratwursts for starters and washed them down with a Maibock. For roast pork with potato dumplings, however, the waitress placed a normal light in front of the thirsty singer's throat. Gigli sipped it and put it back on her tray: “Not good, not good at all!” So Maibock was served again.
Although the Munich-based company did not enjoy a Gigli performance, the tenor instead enjoyed "numerous maybuck in the Bratwurst Glöckl, which the singer tasted excellently", as the evening newspaper stated at the time.

“6 sausages + beer” for Rostropovich

On April 1, 1968, four Russian-speaking men sat down at a table in the Bratwurst Glöckl. Without a word, one of the quartet handed the waitress a slip of paper that read: "6 sausages + beer". The guest was the ingenious cellist Mstislaw Rostropowitsch, who wanted to make sure that, given his poor knowledge of German, he would order the house specialty.

Dieter Hildebrandt

When Franz Josef Strauss was standing on the far left ...

The guest books of the Bratwurst Glöckl combine the most varied of characters: After Dieter Hildebrandt had eaten his pork sausage with cabbage on November 20, 1978, the landlord Gerhard Beck asked him to make a name for himself in the guest book. As luck would have it, the Bavarian Prime Minister had thanked the left side a few days beforehand for food and drink - for Dieter Hildebrandt this was really "the first opportunity to ignore FJS!"

Franz Josef Strauss

A small selection of well-known "Glöckl" guests

Romy Schneider
Roman Polanski

Actors / actresses

Dawn Addams, Wolf Albach-Retty, Hans Albers, Axel von Ambesser, Charlotte Ander, Marie Andergast, Lale Andersen, Ingrid Andree, Cecilie Aubry, Karin Baal, Eva Bartok, Fritz Basil, Gustl Bayrhammer, Max Bayrhammer, Maria Becher, Barbara Bel Geddes, Ingrid Bergmann, Fritz Berkhoff, Wallace Berry, Claus Biederstaedt, Alfred Biolek, Hans Christian Blech, Hannelore Bollmann, Siegfried Breuer, Pierre Brice, Martine Caroll, David Carradine, James Coburn, Gary Cooper, Armin Dahlen, Karl Dall, Caesare Danova , Marion Davies, Karl Diehl, Willi Dohm, Friedrich Doman, Kirk Douglas, Sky Dumont, Else Elster, Jens and Karin Feddersen, Dieter Hildebrandt, Herta Feiler, Heli Finkenzeller, OW Fischer, Rudolf Forst, Willy Forst, Peter Frankenfeld, Thomas Fritsch , Willy Fritsch, Cornelia Froboess, Franz Fröhlich, Gustav Fröhlich, Joachim Fuchsberger, Fritz Fürbringer, Barbara Gallauner, Otto Fee, Therese Giehse, Thomas Gottschalk, Carl Götz, Käthe Haack, Waltraud Haas, Paul Hartmann, OE Hasse, Heidemari e Hatteyer, Ulrich Haupt, Johannes Heesters, Ursula Herking, Trude Hesterberg, Loni Heuser, Dieter Hildebrandt, Margot Hielscher, Paul Hörbiger, Maria Holst, Marte Harell, Kurt Horwitz, Adrian Hoven, Trevor Howard, Emil Jannings, Walter Jansen, Curt Jürgens , Harald Juhnke, Buster Keaton, Anne Kersten, Paul Klinger, Hildegard Knef, Marianne Koch, Gundula Korte, Viktor de Kowa, Hilde Krahl, Charlotte Krüger, Hardy Krüger, Ilse Kubaschewski, Hans-Joachim Kulenkampff, Helmut Lange, Burt Lancaster, Heiner Lauterbach, Patrick Lindner, Theo Lingen, Ursula Lingen, Georg Lohmeier, Helmut Lohner, Winnie Markus, Valerie Martens, Michaela May, Hubert Meyerinck, Willy Millowitsch, Hans Moser, Asta Nielsen, Kim Novak, Erich Odemar ("Erik Ode"), Raimond Olivier, Rolf Olsen, Peter Pasetti, Karl Peukert, Roman Polanski, Erich Ponto, Lilo Pulver, Leni Riefenstahl, Marika Rökk, Heinz Rühmann, Michael Schanze, Maria Schell, Maximilian Schell, Helmut Schneider, Magda Schneider, Romy Schneider, Karl Schönbö ck, Hannelore Schroth, Werner Schulze-Erdel, Walter Sedlmayr, Kristina Söderbaum, Hans Söhnker, Viktor Staal, Gretl Theimer, Georg Thomalla, Gundel Thormann, Vico Torriani, Luise Ullrich, Marina Valdor, Caterina Valente, Peter Vogel, Rudolf Vogel, Peter Voss, Otto Waalkes, Gustl Waldau, Ilse Werner, Otto Wernicke, Grete Weiser, Paula Wessely, Bernhard Wicki, Ida Wüst.


Sari Barabas, Roberto Blanco, Placido Domingo, Lorenz Fehenberger, Fritz Feinhals, Beniamino Gigli, Juliette Greco, Carl Hoppe, Gundula Janowitz, Udo Jürgens, Eartha Kitt, Heinrich Knote, Erika Köth, René Kollo, Ernst Kraus, Benno Kusche, Peggy March , Lauritz Melchior, Martha Mödl, Hans Hermann Nissen, Karl Aasgård, Julius Patzak, Hermann Prey, Ivan Rebroff, Josef Rühr, Emil Schipper, Rudolf Schock, Cheryl Studer, Horst Taubmann, Bernd Weikl, Horst Wendlandt.

Directors / artistic directors / producers

Franz Antel, Billy August (Oscar), Géza v. Bolváry, Eric Charell, René Clair, Doris Dörrie, Bernd Eichinger, Helmut Henrichs, John Huston, Fritz Kortner, Arthur Kutscher, Wolfgang Liebeneiner, Alois Johannes Lippl, Ernst Marischka, Georg Marischka, Kurt Meisel, Wilhelm Meyer-Fürst, Hans Reinhard Müller , Roman Polanski, Carol Reed, Roberto Rossellini, Peter Schamoni, Hans Schweikart, Franz Seitz, Joe Stöckel, Wieland Wagner, Wolfgang Wagner, Kurt Wilhelm.

Folk singer / actor

Elise Aulinger, Liesl Karlstadt, Karl Valentin, Weiß Ferdl.

Painter / sculptor / caricaturist

Karl Arnold, Franziska Bilek, Bernhard Bleeker, Jean Cocteau, Walt Disney, Ernst Fuchs, Olaf Gulbransson, Horst Haitzinger, Ernst Hürlimann, Ernst Maria Lang, Oskar Kokoschka, Max Zimmermann.

Publisher / writer

Werner Friedmann, Ernst ("Putzi") Hanfstaengl, Rudolf William Hearst, Ellis Kaut, Georg Queri, Ludwig Thoma, Joachim Ringelnatz.


Franz Beckenbauer, Andy Brehme, Hermann Buhl (Nanga Parbat climber), Christl Cranz, Rudi Cranz, Georg Hackl, Raimondo D'Inzeo, Willy Kuhweide, Lothar Matthäus, Rosi Mittermaier, Manuel Neuer, Daniela Pilic, Ossi Reichert, Toni Sailer , Manfred Schnelldorfer, Bubi Scholz, Rudolf Ungerer, Klaus Wolfermann, Niki Lauda, Max Schmeling, Hans-Joachim Stuck.


Albrecht / Heinrich / Irmgard / Konstantin / Leopold / Ludwig / Sofie von Bayern, Soraja Esfandiari, (former Empress of Persia), Cecilia and Philipp of Greece, Keng (niece of the Emperor of Japan), Gustav Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach, Arndt von Bohlen and Halbach, Oskar von Miller, Wilhelm von Opel, Viktoria Grand Duchess of Russia, Carl Gustav and Sylvia of Sweden, Albert / Caroline / Gracia / Rainer / Stephanie of Monaco, Johannes von Thurn and Taxis, Moshoeshoe Motolehi, King of Lesotho.


Egon Bahr, Norbert Blüm, Reinhold Bocklet, Wilhelm v. Borscht, Willy Brandt, Georg Brauchle, Horst Ehmke, Ludwig Erhard, Leopold Fige, Hans Filbinger, Dr. Peter Gauweiler, August Geiselhöringer, Otto v. Habsburg, Franz Heubl, Monika Hohlmeier, Alois Hundhammer, Edward Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Erich Kiesl, Henry Kissinger, Dr. Helmut Kohl, Georg Kronawitter, Dr. Josef Müller (Ochsensepp), Julius Raab, Dr. Edmund Stoiber, Franz Josef Strauss, Max Streibl, Georg Kronawitter, Christian Ude, Hans-Jochen Vogel, Dr. Theo Waigel, Thomas Wimmer.

More famous guests

Willy Bogner, sporty entrepreneur; William Cleveland, FBI President; Karl Dersch; Luis Miguel Dominguin, bullfighter; Claude and Iris Dornier, industrialists; Hugo Eckner, zeppelin driver; James Graser, Playboy; Grock, clown; Ernst Heinkel, aircraft designer; Christiane Herzog, former first lady; Hans Inselkammer, hotelier and landlord; Dr. Werner Klinner, heart transplant; Karl Krone, circus director; Karl Lagerfeld, fashion designer; Enrico de Paruta, radio presenter; Fred Rauch, broadcaster; Simply Red, British band; Nelson Rockefeller, millionaire; Gunther Sachs, ex-playboy and art collector; Stefan Schörghuber, entrepreneur; Dr. Manfred Schreiber, police chief; Sigi Sommer, walker and writer; Antonio Pietro Gaetano Maria Tambosi, bon vivant; Luis Trenker, mountaineer; Peps Valenci, dance teacher; Gabriele Weishäupl, Director of the Munich Tourist Office; Heinz Winkler, cook; Eckart Witzigmann, cook; Eduard Zimmermann, XY investigator.



Nuremberg bratwurst Glöckl am Dom

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Arrival by public transport:

With the U3, U6 or the S-Bahn lines S1–8 to Marienplatz. From there you can reach the Bratwurst Glöckl in just 2 minutes!

Standort Bratwurst Glöckl am Dom
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